New 2024 Show T.B.A. Soon!

NoS is the alternative film competition ...

... in which filmmakers bring their most shameful work ...

... and get celebrated for it!



2024 - T.B.A.


7.5.2022 - Stuttgart - Containt'

2021 - Stuttgart - Club Zentral - (Covid)

2020 - Stuttgart - Club Zentral- (Covid)

2019 - Amsterdam - KABOOM festival

2019 - Ludwigsburg - Animationinstitute

2019 - Stuttgart - Club Zentral


Night of Shame has been founded by a small group of students and alumni of the oh so powerful Animationinstitute.

Michael Bohnenstingl

... is the director and co-producer of the show. Usually he makes films.

Yi Luo

.. is the designer of all things beautiful: tickets, posters, websites. early co-conspiritor of NoS.

Stefan Michel

... is the producer of the show. He does contracts and stuff, but usually works at studio seufz.

Paulina Larson

We're nothing without her! She makes the schedules tick, the team work and likes to correct Michi's terrible english pronounciation.


The following institutions are supporters, friends & highly recommended.